Sector technical advisory committees (TACs)

The Red Tractor Assurance Sectors each have Technical Advisory Committees (TACs) who are made up of experts within the sector. They are responsible for the on-going maintenance and development of Red Tractor Assurance Standards. The six sector TACs are listed below: 


Beef and Lamb TAC

David Morgan  Chairman
Bryan Griffiths    Farmer
Peter Morris Livestock Procurement and Processing
Alastair Sneddon Auctioneer
Grace Hurrell Multiple Retailer
Mike Lees  Meat Processing
Gordon Meek Farmer 
John Royle NFU
Miriam Parker  Welfare Consultant
Denise Thomas Farmer
Derek Armstrong Livestock Haulage
Phil Stocker NSA
Phil Hadley AHDB 
Nikki Hopkins BCVA
Tim Bebbington SVS
Kevin Porter Multiple Retailer
Mary Vickers AHDB
Chris Mallon NBA


Dairy TAC

Lucy Squire  Chairman
Angela Rhodes Sector Board Chairman
Mike Gorton NFU
Harriet Wilson Multiple Retailer
Sarah Barber Dairy UK
Ian Crtichley Dairy UK
George Jamieson NFU Scotland
Phil Elkins British Cattle Veterinary Association (BCVA)
John Avizienius   RSPCA
Sophie James NFU
Jenny Gibbons AHDB Dairy


Pigs TAC

Prof Will Haresign Chairman
Mike Sheldon Sector Board Chairman
Emer Fardy Retailer
Tom Slay BMPA Processor
Marcus Bates British Pig Association
David Chennells Veterinary Advisor
Chris Leamon Farmer
Paul Toplis Feed Representative
Annie Davis  Pig Veterinary Society
Martin Smith AHDB Pigs
Zoe Davis National Pig Association
Martin Barker Farmer
Prof Sandra Edwards Independent Welfare Advisor
Jonathan Green Producer / Farmer
Phil Woodall Thames Valley Cambac
Nick Davies Processor representative


Poultry TAC

Professor Martin Shirley  Chairman
Steve Dart Integrator
James Hook  Hatchery Representative
Harry Irwin    Free Range Producer
Gary Ford NFU
Muhammed Maliki Integrator Representative and N Ireland
Andrew McKenzie  Breeder Representative
Dan Pearson Poultry Veterinarian
Reg Smith  Integrator
Michelle Waterman Processor
Steve Wilson Feed representative

Fresh Produce TAC

David Kennedy           Chairman
Dr Louise Sutherland Sector Board Chairman 
Clive Baxter  Top Fruit Production
Grace Choto  AHDB
Cristian Metzger NFUS 
Sarah Dawson   Field Vegetables 
Stephen McGuffie Soft Fruit Grower
Kim Dawson G's Mushrooms
Sharon Hall Potato Processers 
Stephen Humphreys  Pesticide Industry
Patrick Mitton Independent-  Pesticides Consultant 
Dr Mike Storey AHDB Potatoes
Lee Abbey   NFU
Andrew Mellonie Retailer 
Jane Duddle Retailer
Emma Burke Grower
Gary Taylor Protected Crops
John Worth Retailer
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