Sector Boards

The Red Tractor Assurance Sector Boards are responsible for overseeing the management of the Sector Schemes and their activities. They are made up of experts and representatives from the sector (see list below). Each sector also has a Technical Advisory Committee responsible for the on-going maintenance and development of Red Tractor Assurance standards. 

Beef and Lamb Board

Alistair Mackintosh       Chairman
TBA       AHDB - Beef and Lamb 
David Morgan       NFU
Pete Garbutt       Food Service
Chris Dodds       Livestock Auctioneers Association
Eddie Harper M.B.E.       Livestock Haulage Consultant
Kevin Porter       Multiple Retailer
Adam Watson          National Sheep Association
Bill Harper       National Beef Association
Dean Holroyd       British Meat Processors Asociation
Duncan Sinclair         Multiple Retailer 


Dairy Board

Angela Rhodes


Keith Davies


Peter Dawson

      Dairy UK

David Brookes



Phil Elkins       BCVA
Jean McClean       NFU (Scotland)
Sian Davies       NFU
Kate Williams       Dairy UK
Lucy Squire       Dairy UK
Steve Harris       Dairy UK
Nic Parsons         Multiple Retailer
Lee Truelove       Dairy UK
Neville Graham       Dairy UK (NI)
William Irvine       UFU


Pigs Board

Mike Sheldon         Chairman
William de Klein       BMPA
Mark Haighton         BMPA
Colin Stone        NPA Producer
Emer Fardy       Multilple Retailer
Angela Christison        BPEX
Richard Longthorp       NPA producer


Poultry  Board

Clay Burrows        Quality British Turkey (QBT)
Charles Bourns       NFU
Geoffrey Buchanan         DAS
Will Jackson       Retailer 
David Neilson       Integrator
John Reed           British Poultry Council
Dr Martin Shirley CBE       Independent
John Kirkpatrick       Retailer
Philip Wilkinson OBE         

British Poultry Council


 Fresh Produce Board    

Dr Louise Sutherland 



Lee Abbey 



David Kennedy

      Technical Consultant

John Worth 



Steve Corras


Food Service Operator 

Trudie Webster


NFU Representative

Tim Papworth



Sarah Blanford  



Ian Harrison



Mel Miles      


Produce Marketing

Rob Clayton 


AHDB Potatoes







Combinable Crops & Sugar Beet Board

Laurence Matthews  




Angela Bowden  


Oilseed Crushers


Olly Harrison 


Cereals Producer


James Cox




Cereals Producer


Brett Askew

Cereals Producer

Tim Beaver


NFU Representative


Patrick Mitton


Pesticide Issues Consultant 


Tracy Lawton 


Maltsters Association 


Penny Somervell  


AIC / Grain Merchants


Peter Chandley


Dhan Bhandari




Simon Leeds

Sugar Manufacturer 

Alex Waugh




Gary Rudd

AIC / Grain Merchants
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