Today, the Red Tractor logo crops up all over the place. Here you can learn how it all began …
During the early 90’s, British farmed food took a hit as high profile food scares were making the headlines. This affected people’s trust and as a result a number of Farm Assurance Schemes were introduced.
The Farm Assurance Schemes monitored farmers up and down the country to ensure compliance for responsible production of farm-produced food.


2000 – Red Tractor


Although these schemes were put in place to help, things got a bit confusing. Consumers asked for a single symbol that would stand out on packaging, ultimately providing consumers with the reassurance that the food had been produced to high standards.
And so, the ‘British Farm Standard’ was born - also now known as the little Red Tractor.
This was a body made up of experts from the farming and food industry, tracing food back to its original source and ensuring all stages of the food chain abided by the safe food rules – then ultimately being awarded a stamp of approval.
2005 – Adding the Union Jack 

In 2005 we changed our logo to incorporate the Union Jack. This was done to reinforce the Red Tractor logo’s responsibility for improved food production standards as well as highlight the origin of the food.
Red Tractor is the only scheme that offers full traceability of products, from farm to pack.
2009 – On menus

Red Tractor received positive feedback from both consumers and the industry alike, which led to developing the scheme to work outside the supermarket and into the food sector too.
Today you will find more than 2000 food service companies throughout the UK, who are proud to display the Red Tractor logo. These include brand giants such as KFC, Nandos and Mitchells and Butlers.
2012 – Going for Gold at the London Olympics

The year of 2012 was big for the UK, with London proud to host the 2012 Olympic games. The London 2012 Olympics were the most sustainable Olympic and Paralympic Games in history.
In support of this, all food sourced for the Games had to come from sustainable and trustworthy sources, bearing the Red Tractor stamp of approval. ADD LINK TO http://teamrt.org.uk/home
2014 – Ready Meals and Pies

Encouraging the food industry to produce food from more responsible sources, Red Tractor developed the ‘made with’ range.
This highlights to consumers that a main ingredient within a product, ie ready meals and pies, has been produced to Red Tractor standards and is traceable back to farms in the UK.
The Future
All the team here at Red Tractor continues to support the UK farming and food industry. Our goal is to get the Red Tractor stamp of approval on even more products. 
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