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Quarterly Veterinary Report (QVR)
 Under the Red Tractor Pigs Scheme standards, Quarterly Veterinary Reports (QVRs) must be submitted by a veterinary surgeon registered with the scheme as part of the surveillance system.
Recognised Schemes
Assurance schemes which are not owned or managed by Red Tractor but are recognised as part of the assurance supply chain for the use of the Red Tractor logo.
A type of standard which is not compulsory.
You must supply your Certification Body with evidence that you have corrected everything as explained in the non-conformance report. In some cases a re-visit may be required and this may incur a charge. Your application will lapse if you do not correct everything satisfactorily and in good time.
Red Tractor membership and certification can be suspended if non-conformances have not been put right within the time stipulated. Suspension is only lifted once proof received that non-conformances have been corrected. In some cases a re-visit may be required. Livestock or products cannot be sold as ‘Assured’ whilst certification is suspended.
TASCC (Trade Assurance Scheme for Combinable Crops)
AIC Scheme set up by the industry to ensure responsible treatment of grain, oilseeds and pulses once they leave the farm. 
Systems offered by Red Tractor to provide customers/buyers with easy access to the certification status of their known assured farmer suppliers. The Tracker Service allows the subscriber to tag a list of their assured farmer suppliers against the RTA database. They receive daily e-mail alerts notifying them of key changes to their tagged supplier certification statuses and can download spreadsheets which report information on all tagged suppliers. 
UFAS (Universal Feed Assurance Scheme)
AIC Scheme set up to ensure that the compound feed industry is safe and fit for purpose.
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