We want our website to be as user-friendly and helpful as possible. As such we have created a glossary to explain any terms and abbreviations you may be unsure of. 

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Now Part of Animal & Plant Health Agency (APHA).
BBPA (British Beer & Pub Association)
BBPA (in conjuction with Campden BRI) produce a list of agrochemicals approved for use on malting barley.
Certification Body (CB)
Commercial company who manage Red Tractor schemes and carry out assessments. They all operate to the same standards and procedures and all their assessors are trained and sufficiently experienced. 
On-line system provided by Red Tractor to allow buyers and farmers to check the assurance status of scheme members.
CIPC (Chlorpropham)
A sprout suppressant used in potato stores.
Documentary Evidence
Evidence which needs to be provided to the Certification Body to proove that all non-conformances highlighted at the assessment have been corrected.  E.g. invoices, photos, photocopies, letter from vet.
The eAML2 is the electronic version of the pig movement licence (AML2) and has replaced the AML2 paper form since 1 April 2012. 
Extension of Authorisation for Minor Use, formerly known as SOLAs.
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