Documents for Vets

Red Tractor farmers are required to have reviews and documentation signed by registered vets.

Here you will find templates and other documents relating to vets.

For Pig Vets

Under our Pigs Scheme standards, Quarterly Veterinary Reports (QVRs) must be submitted by a Veterinary surgeon registered with the scheme as part of the surveillance system. If you would like to register or to receive further information, please contact us by email [email protected] . Below are some useful documents and click here for a copy of the Standards.

For Dairy Cattle Vets

Red Tractor Dairy farmers are required to have a health plan (AH.a) and collate health and performance data (AH.b). Once a year a vet must carry out a review of this data, records and see livestock (AH.c). A template is provided for all three parts, below.

For Beef Cattle and Sheep Vets

Red Tractor Beef and Lamb farmers are required to complete both a Health Plan and Annual Health and Performance records. Please note that vet involvement to complete this documentation is not mandatory - farmers can complete these themselves. They must also have a Vet Annual Health and Performance review completed and signed by a vet. Copies of our templates are available below. 
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