Member & Scheme Logo Rules

If and for so long as you are a certified member of the Scheme (including a registered dairy purchaser member of the Dairy Scheme), you are entitled to use the relevant Member Logo(s) on stationery and publicity materials, including in your website, provided that you follow all directions on their use set out in the Red Tractor Farm Assurance Membership Rules or Membership Rules for Registered Dairy Purchasers (as appropriate). Click below to download the respective Rules and for further guidance and rules on use of the Member Logos in the form of documents entitled “Member Logos and Scheme Logos” and “Marketing Toolkit Guidance”.

Member and Scheme Logo Rules

 Member Logo and Toolkit Materials Rules

For full details of How the Red Tractor Assurance Scheme works and the Membership Rules download the document below.

Download Member Rules

Download Dairy Purchaser Rules

Assuring Beef from the Dairy Herd

Rules on Risk Based Inspections (in addition to Member Rules)

Red Tractor Complaints Procedure

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