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Key – Those standards which have greater significance (all other standards are normal)

Recommendation – Those which do not affect certification

New – A completely new standard which the member must now adhere to

Revised – A standard that has changed and requires the member to take some different or additional action to before

Upgraded – The standard has been upgraded to a Key standard or from a Recommendation to a full standard

Appendix – Referenced in ‘How you will be measured’. Indicates that additional information is provided in the Appendices, which are available at the end of each section.

This icon indicates that a record is required.

Where to find help – at the end of each section we have indicated where you can get extra guidance if you need it.

Cropping Categories Fresh Produce

Category 0
Those you can eat raw and have a significant risk or history of pathogen contamination.

Category 1
Those you can eat raw and which do not have a protective skin that is removed before eating; they may also have a significant risk or history of pathogen contamination.

Category 2
Those you can eat raw and which either have protective skin or grow clear of the ground, or that have no history of pathogen contamination.

Category 3
Those that the customer always cooks.

An up-to-date list of the crop categories can be found on the Red Tractor website.





Integrated Crop Management (ICM) must be in place to proactively manage crop production

How you will be measured

  • ICM is discussed with relevant staff, advisers and contractors
  • Consideration is given to all areas of good agricultural practice with an emphasis on optimising the use of PPPs and fertilisers and improved protection of the environment
  • As part of ICM an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) plan is documented and followed
  • IPM plan



Regular crop inspections must be undertaken and recorded

  • Crop inspection records/ diary notes



Relevant pests, diseases and weeds must be monitored regularly and recorded

How you will be measured

  • Recording is carried out directly or through participation in a relevant prediction programme
  • Documented thresholds with corresponding technical options are used where applicable, to avoid the routine application of PPPs
  • Records of pests, diseases and weeds on-farm