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Key – Those standards which have greater significance (all other standards are normal)

Recommendation – Those which do not affect certification

New – A completely new standard which the member must now adhere to

Revised – A standard that has changed and requires the member to take some different or additional action to before

Upgraded – The standard has been upgraded to a Key standard or from a Recommendation to a full standard

Appendix – Referenced in ‘How you will be measured’. Indicates that additional information is provided in the Appendices, which are available at the end of each section.

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Fallen stock must be removed from housing/pens/fields.

How you will be measured


Evidence that checks for fallen stock are regularly conducted and any found are promptly removed.

B.FS.2 Key


Carcasses of fallen and euthanased stock must be stored in a manner that prevents contamination and protects them from vermin and other animals. (Revised)

How you will be measured


Carcasses awaiting collection are stored in a manner that does not threaten the biosecurity of the farm, out of public view, and in containers or covered.


If any containers are used for storage they are vermin proof (including birds).



Carcasses must be disposed of correctly either by a licenced collector or by approved on-farm incineration.

How you will be measured


Carcasses disposed of before they present an infestation/health risk.


Carcasses collected by or taken to a licensed fallen stock collector.


No evidence of carcasses being disposed of by burning or burying (other than by incineration).


On-farm incinerators are covered by species approval document issued by the relevant competent authority.


Records are kept for 2 years.
  • NFSCo contract
  • Competent authority Incinerator Approval
  • Collection records