Certification Bodies - Contact details

Red Tractor Assurance licences commercial Certification Bodies to assess and certify the Red Tractor Standards.
The Certification Bodies are themselves accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS). 
Their contact details can be found below: 

Lloyds Register Tel: 0131 335 6643 email: [email protected]
NSF   Membership Queries, Renewals and Applications Tel: 01993 885739  email: [email protected]
NSF   General Enquiries and Non-Conformance Closures Tel: 01993 885610 email: [email protected] 
NSF   Crop Stickers Tel: 01993 885610 email: [email protected]

SAI Global  Tel:  01908 249973 email: [email protected]

NIFCC Tel: 028 9263 3017 email: [email protected]

QWFC (RTA Dairy only) Tel: 01970 636688 email: [email protected]

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