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Red Tractor’s biggest consultation on future standards has closed

Red Tractor was established 20 years ago to reassure consumers that food bearing its logo was safe and responsibly produced. Initially the focus was on food safety, animal welfare and environmental protection but as with all industries, demands change and the scheme has evolved to meet those demands. This successful evolution has meant that Red Tractor has become the most trusted food assurance scheme, many retailers, caterers and brands use Red Tractor as part of their buying specification. This provides farmers and growers with considerable market access, without needing to meet several differing standards and different audits.

However we cannot afford to be complacent, it’s vital that Red Tractor’s standards move with the times to ensure they address changes in legislation and best practice and also reflect emerging issues on consumer’s minds.
The scheme routinely reviews its standards every three to four years across all sectors to ensure members farm in a way that meets the expectations of consumers and market requirements as simply as possible.

Through January and February we embarked on the biggest consultation process of our 20-year history.

We heard directly from our members and stakeholders, in addition to the established routes of representative groups and organisations.

More than 3000 pieces of feedback have been received from across the Red Tractor food chain, in the form of meetings, written questions, emails, phone calls and answers to the consultation survey.

The consultation, which closed on the 5 March, will now go back to the Technical Advisory Committees, which are made up of farmers, representatives and experts from across the food chain, to reach a consensus on outcomes.
The structure of the review adheres to the gold standard recommendations of the British Standards Institute- committee, consultation, and consensus.
The final proposition of the Version 5 Standards will be published in the summer, ahead of implementation in November.

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