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Start Date: 5th January 2021        End Date: 5th March 2021

Red Tractor was established 20 years ago to reassure consumers that food bearing its logo was safe and responsibly produced. Initially the focus was on food safety, animal welfare and environmental protection but as with all industries, demands change and the scheme has evolved to meet those demands.

This successful evolution has meant that Red Tractor has become the most trusted food assurance scheme,  many retailers, caterers and brands use Red Tractor as part of their buying specification. This provides farmers and growers with considerable market access, without needing to meet several differing standards and different audits.

However we cannot afford to be complacent, it’s vital that Red Tractor’s standards move with the times to ensure they address changes in legislation and best practice and also reflect emerging issues on consumer’s minds.

At a time of ever-increasing scrutiny, preserving the public’s trust in UK agriculture and the Red Tractor logo has never been more important.
In evolving our standards, we always strive to achieve the balance that protects and promotes our members, reassures customer and consumer, while balancing the implications of the challenges that the industry faces with future trade deals and the agricultural transition plan.

 The proposals have been developed following best practice recommend by the British Standards Institute.
The 3 step process is: Committee - Consultation - Consensus.
We really value your opinion on these proposals and also want to better understand what matters to you about the Red Tractor scheme. Please review as much of the content we have created as possible, before providing your feedback, so that you are armed with all the information you need to in order to make an informed response.
The Standards Consultation is now live and seeks your views on the proposals for the version 5 of the standards which will come into effect in November 2021
The What Matters To You survey  is also now live and seeks you views on how Red Tractor can better understand your business and work with you more closely.
If you have any questions about the consultation, please contact [email protected]



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