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Added 10 Jun 2014
In a study of over 13,100 school children across the UK conducted by the British Nutrition Foundation (BNF) as part of Healthy Eating Week (2-6... More
Added 30 May 2014
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Added 30 May 2014
The tournament returns with the full support of Red Tractor Food Assurance, with players wearing Red Tractor logos on their shirt sleeves to show... More
Added 30 May 2014
There could only be one winner, congratulations to Ali Camden-Smith at Over a Cuppa, your ‘Rhubarb loaf’ recipe was irresistible - you certainly... More
Added 30 May 2014
A new Spotify audio advert fronted by musician, farmer and food writer, Alex James, is set to drive awareness and understanding of Red Tractor this... More
Added 23 May 2014
Running from 26 May to 1 June 2014, the National BBQ Association has estimated that over seven million barbeques will be held nationally over... More
Added 23 Apr 2014
Tell me a bit about your farm and how you got in to farming? I live with my fiancé Andrew who runs and manages the family farm in Yelvertoft,... More
Added 23 Apr 2014
Each blogger has been encouraged to upload the recipes onto their blogs and document their trial. To get them started, they each received a hamper... More
Added 18 Apr 2014
Great British Beef Week, which begins on St George’s Day April 23rd and finishes on May 3rd, will celebrate the quality, versatility and... More
Added 16 Apr 2014
Dates announced for the Somerset Cheese, Cider and Moozic Fest’ 20th – 22nd June 2014 Despite the threat of a cider drought, the organisers of... More
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