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Added 08 Apr 2013
Recently a Portal has been developed by Red Tractor Assurance which will allow the grower to upload documentation required by the Red Tractor... More
Added 19 Mar 2013
  19th March 2013 Industry stalwarts  Digby Scott, Ed Bedington and Keith Fisher, were today awarded a prestigious new foodie accolade –... More
Added 15 Mar 2013
Earlier this year, the ‘British Family’ made a New Year’s resolution to only buy British goods throughout 2013. In support of their quest, Red... More
Added 14 Mar 2013
Sixty per cent of meals consumed in British homes are eaten in front of the television, it emerged yesterday. Over a third of families regularly eat... More
Added 14 Mar 2013
Red Tractor licensee, KFC has launched a new £2.5m  advertising campaign promoting its ‘farm fresh, hand prepared’ on-the bone chicken. The... More
Added 22 Feb 2013
22ND FEBRUARY 2013 Consumer trust in fresh, quality assured beef remains strong despite the horse meat scandal, new research shows. According... More
Added 21 Feb 2013
Do you give a fork about your pork? This is the question Red Tractor pig farmer and TV presenter Jimmy Doherty has posed to the nation to get them... More
Added 15 Feb 2013
15TH FEBRUARY 2013   Meat industry bodies are working together to strengthen consumer confidence in assured fresh meat in a joint marketing... More
Added 11 Feb 2013
Next week the Potato Council will be launching the 22nd annual Chip Week 2013 (18th-24th February 2013), which celebrates Britain’s on-going love... More
Added 09 Feb 2013
UPDATED COMMENT, 9TH FEBRUARY 2013 David Clarke, CEO of Red Tractor Assurance said;  “We have followed the developments with interest over the... More
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