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Added 21 Nov 2013
Online health and nutrition retailer, which is popular amongst personal trainers, Olympians, International Rugby Union players, world champion... More
Added 13 Nov 2013
If you are a teacher based in Peterborough then make sure you pop by the East of England Showground on the 5th and 6th of December for their... More
Added 04 Nov 2013
We are aware that one batch of Spanish lettuce packed for the Co-operative was incorrectly labelled with the Red Tractor logo.  This was an isolated... More
Added 04 Nov 2013
Can you tell your Cumberland from your Gloucester?   This week our friends at Love Pork have been traveling across the country to celebrate... More
Added 04 Nov 2013
Following on from our invite to the Food Service British Sausage Awards earlier in the month, we were delighted to be asked down to the official... More
Added 02 Nov 2013
Did you know the UK consumes around 700,000* tonnes of cheese a year! That’s a lot of cheese, it would seem we love the stuff. Our favourite cheese... More
Added 31 Oct 2013
Last week the British Pork Executive (BPEX), the organisation responsible for promoting and managing British Pork production, kindly invited us to... More
Added 24 Oct 2013
POP-UP SHOP SHOWCASES ‘OSCAR WINNERS OF THE SAUSAGE WORLD’ Winning pork sausages from the recent Discovering Britain’s Greatest Sausages... More
Added 24 Oct 2013
Throughout September and October Red Tractor launched an Instagram competition and asked the nation to look out for the Red Tractor logo when... More
Added 23 Oct 2013
A Red Tractor TV advertisement featuring Jimmy Doherty on his farm with pigs was challenged recently, sparking a complaint to the Advertising... More
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