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Added 27 Apr 2012
It is entirely inappropriate that we should learn about welfare concerns months after the alleged events took place. If anyone has any concerns they... More
Added 17 Apr 2012
The updated Red Tractor farm assurance scheme for crops and sugar beet is on the verge of being officially accepted EU-wide in time for this... More
Added 11 Apr 2012
New research reveals increased shopper demand for quality assurance on the food they buy. Over 6 in 10 UK primary shoppers (64%) say they support... More
Added 20 Mar 2012
Yesterday (19 March) marked the start of the sixth annual Bacon Connoisseurs’ Week and in a salute to what is one of the nation’s favourite food... More
Added 06 Mar 2012
After weeks of searching the nation for a Sunday lunch hero, Red Tractor is pleased to announce the winner - nine year-old Freya Thackray from... More
Added 04 Mar 2012
CEO of Red Tractor Assurance, David Clarke, said: 'Red Tractor covers many broad dimensions of food production. Red Tractor’s standards,... More
Added 23 Jan 2012
Red Tractor Assurance and Sodexo have joined forces to show their support for Farmhouse Breakfast Week. The HGCA’s Farmhouse Breakfast Week... More
Added 21 Jan 2012
Two local Bristol farmers, John Hore and Charles Bourns have combined their two greatest passions, farming and rugby, by sponsoring up-coming... More
Added 28 Dec 2011
Red Tractor, the quality assurance logo that demonstrates high standards of food safety and animal welfare, is delighted to reveal that Bensons... More
Added 23 Dec 2011
Red Tractor Chairman Ted Wright has been awarded a top  poultry award  in recognition of his role and extraordinary achievements as a Norfolk... More
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