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Added 17 Jul 2013
Throughout the summer, ‘Trust The Tractor’  banners have been positioned in high visibility fields near busy motorways to provide an eye-catching... More
Added 15 Jul 2013
DO YOU HAVE A PASSION FOR PORK? ‘HAMBASSADORS’ WANTED TO FLY THE FLAG FOR PIG FARMERS Pork lovers can apply for what could be the best job in the... More
Added 14 Jul 2013
Ahead of her appearance on Countryfile tonight, our Technical Manager stopped by to tells us about some of the areas she’s been working on for Red... More
Added 12 Jul 2013
The Red Tractor stand at this year’s Local Authorities Caters Association (LACA) show (10th and 11th July) once again received over-whelming... More
Added 02 Jul 2013
Last week, we got the chance to show 'Me and Red Tractor' competition winners, Franche Primary School, Kidderminster, exactly what goes into a Red... More
Added 19 Jun 2013
Hundreds of UK farmers representing the pig, poultry, dairy, produce and beef and lamb sectors, will be erecting large banners in their fields next... More
Added 31 May 2013
Farmers are rolling out a nationwide banner campaign next month to encourage the UK public to trust the Red Tractor. The banners signify the... More
Added 20 May 2013
KFC are proud to source their on-the-bone chicken from Red Tractor farms in the UK. To show what that means for the quality and welfare of their... More
Added 15 May 2013
Farmers visiting the Red Tractor Assurance (RTA) stand at trade shows throughout this summer will have a great chance to win a Suzuki King Quad 400... More
Added 24 Apr 2013
Lidl UK is investing £66 million in its fresh meat and poultry range as part of its continuing commitment towards increasing the proportion of... More
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