Worcestershire growers set date for charity football game

Added 30 May 2014

The tournament returns with the full support of Red Tractor Food Assurance, with players wearing Red Tractor logos on their shirt sleeves to show the areas commitment to growing quality assured fruit and veg.

The Growers FC tournament will see visitors come from far and wide and like previous years, footballing legends are coming to give their support to this truly international event with a local twist in Evesham (names to be confirmed).

Organised by a Red Tractor Assured grower, Bal Padda from Vicarage Nurseries the event provides a platform for the entire community to get together and enjoy a wonderful, happy, family weekend.

Bal Padda said: “In recent ours our community has become truly international and this event is designed to not only raise funds for two wonderful causes, I believe it helps really bring us together and work together. Sport and food – what more could you wish for. So many organisations have helped us to promote the importance of our industry, such as Red Tractor, who my family are proud to be members of and helps us produce quality assured fruit shoppers can trust”.

Georgina Park of Red Tractor said: “We were heart warmed to hear Bal and so many other Red Tractor assured growers in the area involved in such a great cause.  Evesham Vale is famous for producing a wide range of quality fruit and vegetables under the Red Tractor mark, which are sold across the country but is evident soon it will be famous for producing quality charity football matches too.”

Football matches on the following dates will be played at Evesham United, who have kindly donated their stadium:

June 28th 

  • 32 9-a-side football matches - The teams will comprise of workers across the board of the agricultural industry including many Red Tractor assured growers from the famous Evesham Vale region
  • Outside of the stadium a selection of Red Tractor Assured foods on display, which will champion local foods produced in the area
  • Open Farm Days…If football isn’t your thing, then busses will take visitors to local Red Tractor Assured farms who are throwing open their gates to the public in an Open Farm Day ( Saturday Only  )  – to show the journey of your food form farms to pack!

June 29th

  • Quarter, semi and  finals of the main tournament 
  • Ladies football match
  • Children’s football match
  • The day culminates in Growers United v West Bromwich and Midlands All Stars (full line up to be announced shortly)
  • Farmers market championing local foods produced in the area
  • Attractions for families and all ages (Saturday and Sunday): music, arts, sports, competitions, raffle (and more to be confirmed).
  • 1/16 round of World Cup in Brazil on big screen TV (Saturday and Sunday) 

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