Red Tractor’s CEO Jim Moseley Welcomes New British Beef Export Deal In New Blog

Added 21 Jun 2019
It was the event that shook the whole food service industry, but no more so than in British Farming, when in the 1990’s BSE entered the common British vernacular.  After a spate of food scares across a number of food sectors, the trust in the British food that we fed our families was at an all-time low.
A lot has changed in British Farming in the decades since this happened, and Red Tractor has been an integral part of leading this transformation and helping to rebuild trust. Established to bring accountability to the way food in the UK is produced has improved the traceability of products across the whole length of the food chain from farm to fork.
Which is why this week is such an important milestone for British farming.
After a 20-year absence, we will start to export British Beef to China in a new UK - China Beef protocol, which has been signed by the Farming Minister Robert Goodwill and the Chinese Ambassador to Britain.
Whilst in the UK we have recognised for years that the quality of our beef is fantastic, it reinforces what we know that our standards for food safety and traceability are seen as world class. Indeed, earlier this year a global independent study found that the breadth and depth of the Red Tractor scheme in these areas was second to none.
China is the world’s largest importer of beef and so this is an important market for farmers in the UK to have access to.
As someone who has been working in the food industry for most of my career, I have seen first-hand how detrimental a loss in trust in standards and people’s confidence in food quality can have for businesses across the length of the supply chain.
That is why Red Tractor is so important. Today, our logo is on over £13 billion worth of food and drink and our scheme has over 46,000 British farm members. It’s the only UK wide assurance scheme that offers full traceability of products, from farm to pack. And although membership is voluntary, we know it delivers terrific value for money, by providing access to routes to market with some of the UK farming’s largest customers both here and abroad.
The Red Tractor symbol on the packaging of the meat, poultry, fruit and veg you buy in the supermarkets, or on the menu at your favourite restaurant, provides valuable security and peace for mind for customers, that the product has been produced to high quality standards, is traceable, safe and has been farmed with care. 
After all, we know that is what people want.

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