Red Tractor Assurance responds to UK’s vote to leave the European Union

Added 24 Jun 2016
Assured Food Standards chief executive David Clarke said: "For now it is business as usual for Red Tractor Assurance.
The UK remains a member of the EU for the immediate future and we will wait with interest to see the trading terms that the UK Government is able to negotiate with trade partners in Europe and further afield.
Come what may we believe that UK shoppers and trade buyers at home and overseas will always want to know that their food has been produced with care.
Red Tractor’s comprehensive standards and robust assessments will continue to play a key role in providing the assurance that they are looking for.
Our Red Tractor logo will have added impetus to act as the leading signpost to quality British food across the marketplace."


Red Tractor was established in 2000 and has grown to become the UK’s biggest farm and food standards scheme, covering all of animal welfare, food safety, traceability and environmental protection.
The way that our food is farmed and prepared is regularly checked by independent experts to make sure it is of a good standard.

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