It's Strawberry Season!

Added 29 Jun 2018

Red Tractor Assured Strawberries

It’s that time of the year where generations gather around the world-famous patch of grass in the hopes of seeing some seriously strong tennis action from their favourite racketeers, but the sight of strawberries, cream and people in white clothing brings us together every time. Yes, it’s Wimbledon!

There are 150 strawberry farms around the country that not only provide the juiciest strawberries but they’re also Red Tractor Assured, so you have no excuse not to pile up your bowls’ with fresh fruit. You can also find the Red Tractor logo on a variety of dairy products coming from around 11,000 dairy farms across the UK. By buying Red Tractor products you are ensuring safe standards for not only you, but farmers such as James - you can read more about how purchasing these products benefit him and his farm here.

 An incredible 1.4 million strawberries will be sold at Wimbledon this year, but just because you may not be able to make it there, that’s no reason not to join in the strawberry spectacular. If you’ve got friends and family over, why not impress them with these Strawberry Cheesecake Jars from the Red Tractor website? It only takes a few minutes to whip up! 

 To get the kids into the excitement of Wimbledon this summer, there are loads of fun strawberry recipes to get them involved in. Check out these recipes for strawberry popsicles or smoothies that are really simple to make, just remember to keep an eye on the blender and strawberry covered fingers - strawberry mixes aren’t kind on tennis whites!


 The best part of all of this? Strawberries are really healthy! They’re only 50 calories per punnet and if you add cream to that, you’ll be getting calcium, riboflavin and vitamin A all in one bowlful, so they’re a perfect healthy treat for the kids. If you’re not a strawberry person, there are lots of other summery fruits available at this time of the year. Countryside Online give us a run down of all of the kinds of foods we can expect to be available throughout the year through this fun diagram on their website. 

So it’s time to get into the swing of Wimbledon this summer, and if the weather proves to be good, why not pull out the tongs and show off in front of your friends and family with some of our BBQ recipes.   Enjoy!

Great Farming, Great Food! 

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