Get up and out this Easter!

Added 26 Mar 2018

Get Up & Out This Easter

Pull on your wellies, grab your pastel paints, and stock up the fridge, because Easter weekend is here!

With a lovely long 4 day weekend ahead of us, there’s no better time to engage in a range of Easter activities with your friends and family. It’s the time of year where you watch the kids gleefully collect eggs from the dewy garden as you huddle round the fire with a warm cup of tea. Meanwhile a big roast cooks in the oven and you wait for the rest of the family to arrive. Nothing sounds more homely, does it?

What Happens When You Buy Red Tractor Assured Food?

As spring is a time for new beginnings in the great outdoors, it’s the perfect time to get outside and make the most of your surroundings. Here at Red Tractor, we like to make sure that all of the people dedicating their time to preserve our beautiful countryside are supported fairly so that we can keep the countryside as the one we know and love. This is why we like working with small businesses with big ideas, such as Wyke Farms. The Somerset based cheese producer is committed to being 100% green by creating their own energy supply on-site from sustainable sources. So by buying Red Tractor approved foods such as Wyke cheese, not only are you helping your local farmers, you’re helping the environment too!


Easter Walks with the Family

Now the weather is getting warmer, family walks are a given for Easter weekend. With so many beautiful places to go walking throughout the UK, we thought we’d tell you about NFU’s list of countryside walks that are perfect to take the family on. Dotted across the country, these walks are full of hidden gems, and even better, all of them have a pub somewhere along the way to stop for a quick treat! Check them out here.


Getting the Kids Out

We know that in reality getting the little ones into their coats and away from their gadgets can be harder than it looks. To help get them to engage with the countryside around them, we’ve created our very own online treasure hunt. Our Countryside Explorer game lets them become an adventurer looking for a wide range of creatures and plant life as you go on your walk. It’ll be sure to make them excited to pull on their wellies and squelch through the mud! And even better, you can download the game for free so that it’s playable no matter how far into the wilderness you decide to go.


Easter Sunday Food

At the heart of any Easter Bank Holiday weekend is food. Whether that’s roast lamb, Easter biscuits and cakes, or even a visit from the Easter bunny, we know that food makes a family gathering even more special. Now that spring has arrived, there are lots of in season vegetables in the supermarkets that are perfect for your Easter Sunday roast. Be sure to keep an eye out for Red Tractor Assured food to use as ingredients in a wide range of seasonal dishes. To get you started we’ve put together a range of some of our favourite dishes which you can find on our website here.


In-Season Food


If you're unsure of what is and isn't In-Season, head over to the Great British Larder page from the NFU to find out what's store this spring!


BBQ Recipes

Who says it’s too early in the year for a BBQ though? Start April off the right way by dusting off the BBQ set and get coals glowing as the kids collect their treats from the Easter bunny. On our website you can find a collection of some tasty BBQ recipes to get you all fired up for the summer ahead. From bread roll kebab fondues to ‘The Hunger Cure’ burger, we have it all and we can guarantee you’ll want to get out your tongs once you take a look! Click here to head to our selection of Easter BBQ recipes. 


Dessert Recipes

Last of all, you can’t forget to have a sweet treat to round off the perfect meal! Everyone knows how much kids like to make a mess, so why not make it a worthwhile mess and bake a range of yummy goodies this weekend. Here at Red Tractor, we support products such as Countrylife butter and Silverspoon sugars as we know they come from reliable sources and, in our opinion, make all of our baking just that little bit sweeter! So grab your mixing spoons, plug in the mixer and get ready to cover the kitchen in icing sugar! Here's a great recipe to get you started...

Now we’ve given you a little bit of a peek into what we think the perfect Easter Bank Holiday should look like, stick on the kettle and put your feet up for the weekend ahead!

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