A week to celebrate what’s great about British lamb farming

Added 03 Sep 2019
I don’t think there’s been a time in my life when there has been so much scrutiny of the food we produce.
As a farmer that’s both a compliment and a concern.
On the one hand I’m extremely proud of the way we rear cattle and sheep on our farm at Barbon.
We endeavour to breed the best lambs possible while caring for and working with the environment.
Our animals share the land with all the natural wildlife that inhabits the area, and it is because of this that biodiversity flourishes. Livestock have grazed the pastoral landscape for hundreds of years. It is what has shaped the stunning countryside that we see today and hopefully will continue to see in the future.
A huge number of people recognise the work British farmers do to produce safe, affordable food while maintaining the iconic landscape by buying British in the shops.
So why am I concerned? I’m worried that the increasing polarisation of the debate about diets, land use and farming methods serves only to confuse the shoppers and diners we have worked hard to win over. Consumers that want to make a difference to climate change should look for the Red Tractor logo on their food packaging. This guarantees that the food produced is the safe, traceable and produced to some of the highest standards in the world.
Over the past 20 years farming across the UK has transformed beyond recognition and we have seen a massive rise in consumer pride in British agriculture.
Without the support of the public choosing our food and drink in shops and restaurants, we wouldn’t have stood a chance.
But If I could make one plea this week, I would ask everyone to pop a lamb product into their shopping basket and join me and thousands of farmers across the country in celebrating Love Lamb Week.

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