Back to School for Red Tractor farmer - March 2016

Simon Bainbridge, a Red Tractor farmer from Northumberland who produces organic beef and lamb , spent a day at his local first school, meeting the children, talking about where their food comes from and encouraging them to enjoy the fantastic produce of the area. A keen supporter of the Red Tractor logo, which appears on a huge range of food and drink products, he also joined forces with local  machinery dealer Carrs Billington to take along a big red Massey Ferguson tractor for the children to sit in.

“We had a great day talking to the children about the work that farmers do to feed local families,” said Simon. "It is crucial for the future of our local farming industry that people young and old value the work we do and support us by looking for the Red Tractor logo in the shops - a guarantee that food is farmed and prepared to very high standards that are independently approved.

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Ready and waiting for the kids Ready and waiting for the kids
Having fun with the Red Tractor Having fun with the Red Tractor
Learning about Red Tractor food Learning about Red Tractor food
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