Important information for KIWA PAI Certified Members

Red Tractor has been reviewing the delivery of its assurance standards and for greater efficiency has decided to consolidate and rationalise the farm certification bodies it works with to focus on a smaller number of strategic partners.   

The outcome of the process means that any Red Tractor farm scheme members currently certified by KiwaPAI will need to transfer their membership to one of our other certification bodies. 

Farmers who currently employ KiwaPAI to carry out their Red Tractor Assurance farm assessments will need to appoint a new certification body in 2016. The transfer process will be completed over a 12-month period, starting in January 2016. All certificates issued by KiwaPAI will remain valid and in force until their expiry date. 

Transfers will be completed at membership renewal time. So you do not need to do anything until your current certificate is due for renewal. Red Tractor will be writing to KiwaPAI scheme members around four to six weeks before their renewal date to explain to them what they need to do.

Assessments that are due to scheme members as part of their current membership will be completed by KiwaPAI.

Red Tractor and KiwaPAI are working closely together to ensure a smooth transition process.

More Information:

We have produced a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to help answer any queries you may have. Click here

Below are the Certification Bodies who work with Red Tractor and can help you with your renewal. Farmers have a choice of which Certification Body to transfer to. This applies to all, except RTA Dairy farm members who don’t have to do anything as the new Certification Body will be appointed by their milk First Purchaser.  

Acoura      Tel:  0131 335 6643      Email: [email protected]   
NSF            Tel:  01993 885739       Email: [email protected]                 
SAI Global Tel:  02921510190       Email: [email protected]

Alternatively if you wish to speak to Red Tractor then feel free to call us on  0203 617 3670 or email: [email protected]
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