On the 14th March 2020 Red Tractor suspended all physical on-site inspections on farms, in markets and collection centres and for hauliers.

Since then, working with the schemes’ certification bodies, we’ve undertaken thousands of remote assessments across the UK to ensure that the supply chain remained secure and fully traceable during the period of social distancing and non-essential travel restrictions. 
As of Monday 6 July 2020, there has been a phased resumption of physical farm inspections

This will principally affect farmers who meet the following criteria:
- Those identified as a poorer performer under Red Tractor’s risk-based approach
- Those for whom live streaming is not a credible option due to connectivity or technology issues. 

 At this stage, most inspections will continue to be conducted remotely. However, this dual approach to assessments means
that inspections will return to being compulsory. 
Farmer (Remote Assessment) Testimonials

You can get help preparing for your assessment, including downloadable checklists and templates, by clicking the Tools & Library button.

The Red Tractor Portal acts as an online filing cabinet, enabling compliance documents to be securely uploaded, stored, and reviewed
so you can meet Red Tractor Standards.
It will make it easier for you to prepare all the correct documentation for your assessments.
Check out how to register for the Red Tractor Portal here.
Tools & Library

You can access the Red Tractor Portal here 

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